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Date : 16/10/2016

A 55 year old builder named Brian bought 12 tonne of brass handles stashed in a basement for 40 years for just UK 20,000 Pounds (AU $32k)

Extravagant maybe but on reflection...!

He sent an inventory off to an Italian company to see what they were worth and...

The collection of door knobs and handles have now been identified as an Italian vintage made by Valli and Colombo.

Brian said: "I bought it all for scrap but I started looking into what they really were and realised many were vintage Italian handles. I sent the inventory off to an Italian company who told me the lot were worth UK 2 Million Pounds. (AU $3 Million)"

While some of the knobs are worth just pence, there are a huge number of highly sought-after antique door-openers, worth in excess of UK 150 Pounds (AU $240) each.

Brian bought the brass goods - including light switches, hat stands and letter boxes - from a millionaire in Penzance, Cornwall. He had kept them in storage for 40 years saying he never wanted to look at them because they reminded him of his wife.


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