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Date : 04/10/2016

Kitchen makeovers are becoming a popular trend. However, giving your kitchen a brand new look can be as simple, low cost with least interruption by replacing worn out kitchen cupboard doors, kitchen counter and kitchen cupboard handles.

Kitchen cupboard handles, also known as cabinet pulls, may be small but they can transform and enhance the appearance of your kitchen. To choose the best kitchen cupboard handles that matches the style of your home, you should check the materials used for kitchen cupboard handles, the colour contrast with the cabinet doors and the shape of the cabinet pulls among other factors.

Choosing the right material

The materials that kitchen cupboard handles are made of will affect the feel of your kitchen. The common materials used for cabinet pulls or knobs are glass, crystal and metal. Metal such as pewter, stainless steel, nickel, chrome, and bronze is the most popularly used material for kitchen cupboard or drawer pulls. Glass will beautify your kitchen while crystal gives your kitchen a vintage look.

Matching colours

The colour contrast of the pulls, knobs or handles with the cabinet doors will affect the mood of your kitchen. For example, you can match a dark matte handle with a light coloured cabinet door or shiny stainless steel knobs with dark coloured cabinet doors.

If you are looking for a contemporary look for your kitchen, you can consider using glossy laminated flat panel doors that are of vibrant and bright colours. However, remember to make sure that the chosen colour will match other parts of your kitchen and style of your home.

Take advantage of many shapes and designs

Cabinet pulls, knobs or handles nowadays come in varied shapes and designs. They can be sleek, simple, use textured flourishes or a creative design that is between that of a knob and handle. For example, if you want a kitchen with modern look, you can combine geometric shapes with clean lines. If you are looking for European and traditional look for your kitchen, you can consider using glass knobs, brass pulls or cup handles for that old world, vintage design.

All in all, you should choose kitchen cupboard handles, pulls or knobs that will complement other kitchen finishes, light fixtures, walls, floor tiles and kitchen appliances. They do not have to be an exact match but they should not clash with one another if you want to have an attractive and harmonized looking kitchen. Most importantly, the chosen design should suit the overall look and feel of your home.

To add a bit of fun, interesting visual effects with increased functionality, you can consider using both handles and knobs for your kitchen cabinets. So long as the handles and knobs are of the same material, colour, and finish, there is no reason to stick to using only handles or knobs.

Stay within your budget

Like all renovation projects, it is important to plan your budget and know what you need. You should count the number of handles, knobs or pulls you require for all the kitchen cabinets doors and drawers that you need to install.

In addition, you may also consider getting high quality kitchen cupboard handles and other door hardware solutions such as handles, closers, locks, seals, bolts hinges, and padlocks from us. Take a look at what Architectural Design Hardware has to offer today!

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