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Category : Door Hardware
Date : 04/10/2016

Architectural Design Hardware provides a free personalised hardware scheduling service that is utilised by many architectural practices, construction companies and end users to assist them in dealing with the difficulties involved in compiling their door hardware documentation.

We specify door hardware. One less job for you to handle.

Our scheduling specification service can take many forms including door by door hardware schedules, preparation of specification briefs, providing door or room data sheets, or assisting the client with their preparation of information for their own documentation format.

In combination with the expertise of our staff and our exclusive product range we bring integrity, experience, and professionalism to door hardware specifications whilst saving you time and effort.

The way that door hardware is often demonstrated in supplier images is frequently mystifying to the uninitiated, the lock or handle might be shown individually rather than any images of how it fits onto the door or with another piece of hardware. Often component parts are not clearly identified.

Come visit our showroom and discuss your needs with one of our experienced staff or phone to make an appointment to discuss your scheduling requirements.

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