Metal Style Bouvet

Metal Style Bouvet
Category : Door Hardware
Date : 16/08/2018

The company Bouvet was founded in France by Mr. Gustave Bouvet in 1884. He established a long tradition of hand-made ornamental hardware for furniture, doors and windows, and as of today, most of the original models still exist.

In 1978, Metal Style Bouvet was created in Canada to spread out that kind of ironwork French style product, while adapting it to North American standards.

Even now, most of these ironwork products are forged or cut to preserve that French traditional design.

Metal Style Bouvet offers an excellent variety of building hardware in a wide range of styles.

High-quality doors and windows need refined and reliable architectural hardware. There is a wide range of hinges, strap hinges, and paumelle hinges that provide unsurpassed structural and esthetic support for all types of doors.

For windows a vast array of latches, cremones, bolts, and handles are available.

Door handles, entrance handle sets, doorknobs, levers, levers with back plates, and all other building hardware is available in many finishes.

There are decorative accessories for the home. A sample for your pleasure.

All Bouvet decorative hardware products are manufactured in France by premier craftsmen using traditional know-how combined with the latest technology.

Only the finest materials are used which are finished with care and pride to ensure your complete satisfaction now and for the years to come.

For all your Bouvet needs, Architectural Design Hardware is pleased to help you.

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