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Category : Door Hardware
Date : 04/10/2016

For over sixty years, MANDELLI1953 has proudly designed brass items entirely cast, forged and machined within its premises in Brianza, starting from the Italian foundry bar. They are one of the few companies with a complete production cycle.

The founder, Rodolfo Mandelli , begins his story after the Second World War, producing brass handles for furniture, coat hangers, towel racks, kitchen hooks in ZAMAK.

From 1953, the path of Rodolfo Mandelli starts to take flight: the entrepreneur expands his workshop, purchases new machinery and converts his production of coat hangers, knobs and handles for furniture, switch covers and curtain rails in more noble brass. Reconstruction offers him the opportunity to also create door and window levers in this luxurious material.

Today, the MANDELLI1953 brand exports in more than seventy foreign countries, including Architectural Design Hardware here in Australia.

When an object is beautiful, everyone wants to have it. This is why MANDELLI1953 pays utmost attention to the aesthetics of its brass products: at Mandelli, we perceive the building as a beautiful lady, and the coordinated furnishings as her jewellery. It is the details that give value to doors and windows, whilst revealing the character of the owners of the house or of working spaces.

Mandelli is an Italian know-how triggering ancient traditions of high craftsmanship, where the best technologies have been updated and skilfully used over the years.

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