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Date : 06/10/2016

The City of Vancouver Canada has recently banned the use of doorknobs in new construction, single family homes, in favor of lever handles due to accessibility and safety concerns.

The humble doorknob has never been the most effective method of opening or closing a door. It foils soapy or greasy hands, the disabled, and it can’t be turned with an elbow if the hands are full.

However, doorknobs do keep bears from wandering into Canadian homes, the animals have learned to push down levers.

Door knobs provides a much more serious problem for the elderly, infirm and disabled who have trouble gripping it. Including people with severe arthritis or neuromuscular conditions which stop them using their muscles to move the digits.

Door knobs are usually round or similarly symmetrical and have been commonplace as far back as the 17th century. They may be common, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

They work with doors that swing in either direction. Door knobs tend to be symmetrical and, as a result, operate the same way regardless of the door configuration

Depending on the design, knobs generally don’t catch on or damage clothing and are safer if bumped into.  Door knobs are difficult for pets and children to open, if you don’t want them opening doors on their own.  As knobs require twisting, they do not comply with Disabilities Act requirements and guidelines.

Levers are often perceived as a more elegant or high-end form of door hardware than the common door knob. Whether they are plain or ornate, they have their pros and cons as well.

Doors with levers are easier to open for those with limited hand or arm strength because pushing or pulling the lever provides more leverage than twisting a knob. This is also useful when you have to open a door while your hands are full (e.g., use your elbow).

Levers enable pets and children to open the door, if you want them to do so on their own. Depending on the design, levers can be quite hazardous to children when they bump into them. Levers can also be hazardous to clothing. It is surprisingly easy to catch the corner of a sweater or the pocket of a jacket on the end of the handle.

So the trend has started. All that is required now is legislation to make it punishable by law to install round doorknobs!

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