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Date : 22/01/2020

It goes without saying that economic and housing-market downturns go hand in hand, along with a general decline in consumer consumption. This has traditionally indicated two things for homeowners who are looking to invest responsibly and make smart financial choices –spend more time at home and boost their living space while doing so.

Instead of selling properties in a less than desirable environment, inexpensive, do it yourself (DIY) improvements are an option many Australians look for.

For those looking to make improvements in their homes future value, face lifts should go beyond only simple home design adjustments.

In fact, some real estate experts suggest that you concentrate on the kitchen and bathroom where the most significant improvements can be made.

The trick is to refresh the home with changes which add value, without spending tens of thousands of dollars on a professional remodelling.


The kitchen of course is where we spend most of our time. Most residences, particularly those with open ground floors layout, obviously enable people to gather in the kitchen – especially when they are entertaining.

There's an argument to be made even at the most futuristic home to go a little warmer while constructing the kitchen. As the most common gathering place for family and friends in the household, many view the kitchen as reflecting the centre of the home.

Have a kitchen pro look at it if you've done your own layout, as chances are they might come up with ideas you might not have considered. The next big decision is to select the design and colour of the cabinets. Are you searching for a wood or painted finish, or one of the finishes that are special?

Counter tops are a significant option to consider. The most popular are laminate formed post with sinks above. Granite, quartz and solid surface usually have few seams and some sinks mounted under it.

Granite counter tops make an amazing improvement, but if you don't have a full counter top redesign in your budget, pick a function area in your kitchen. Focusing on an environment like a kitchen island to add granite tile will create a more affordable price feel.

There is also the laminate Seamless sinks & counters accessible from some of the specialty suppliers that will offer you the appearance of Granite or Corian and under installed sinks for prices similar to laminate.

It is also the only space in the house that is typically available at any time, day or night to all family members.

While the family room may sometimes be monopolised for gaming or television, it is generally accepted that no one person or group is to monopolise the kitchen.

At all periods of the day, we wander in and out, say a few words to one another and maybe prepare a lunch or cup of tea for someone in the house.

You can create features on your own to offer an instant high-end look that would pass a skilled designer's check.

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The bathroom is one of the most affordable and valuable upgrades to the rooms. Refreshing the bathroom with a new faucet, sink or even sleek yet impactful accessories that have a modern twist is incredibly cost-effective.

The bathroom is no longer the smallest space, in no way whatsoever. Room is lavished on this once overlooked region of new homes and significant improvements, providing a luxurious environment devoted to one's physical and sensual well-being.

You don't have to do it all at once, and to make an impact you sure don't need to take on new flooring or tiling. You have plenty of room in the bathroom — from painting to plumbing — for improvement. An exquisite and inexpensive showpiece in this little room would make a huge impact.

Try re purposing an old dresser or buffet into a vanity bathroom for a cheap and eco friendly project. Add compatible tub and shower fixtures as well as complementary accessories such as towel bars, robe loops, a pivoting paper holder and a tank lever to bring the feel of your latest vanity throughout the bathroom.

Which is the most popular bathroom style? My guess would be be a spa. The most versatile facets are the palest colours, the softest fabrics, the smoothest materials. Two of things. Two vanities, two mirrors, two storage areas-because for this perfect spa-like experience everybody has a personal definition.

I have just referenced the faucets. Somehow a faucet's style can speak volumes about the person who has chosen it and is using it. Decorative details, such as grips and fittings, are going a long way. Try switching to a new faucet that enhances both efficiency and aesthetics.

A collection of matching towel racks, drawer pulls, door hooks and even a new mirror can subtly change a space's style in moments, thus producing a look that lasts years.

Through undertaking tiny yet visible projects, you will bring the most benefit to your house (and hold more money in your pocket) when it comes to the home renovation today. Carry on these and you'll see a difference in no time.

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