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Date : 10/10/2016

A touch of the Netherlands here in Australia. Formani reflects both something new and something of trusted style within their ranges.

Formani is a Dutch company that designs, develops and manufactures door furniture fittings and bathroom accessories in various styles, including lever handles, pull handles, and cabinet handles.

FORMANI, through Architectural Design Hardware in Australia, gives innovative, exclusive and top-quality products to form the perfect detail for high-quality interior designs worldwide.

FORMANI partners with the leading Dutch designers. Standouts like Mathieu Bruls, Bob Manders, Edward Van Vliet and the reddot design award winner Tord_Boontje who put Whimsy on display in his “Happy Ever After“ installation.

The FORMANI line of European door hardware and bathroom accessories is available in a variety of metal and wood combination finishes. Metal finishes include Polished, Satin, or PVD Stainless; Satin, Bright, or PVD Nickel; PVD Satin Gold; Brass lacquered & un-lacquered; Satin Black & Satin White. Wood finishes include Oak, natural & blackened; natural Ebony. Also *Bakelite finish is available.

Exquisitely crafted, clean and neat, describe these products created by stellar artisans who explore the power behind simple designs. It's a lifestyle enjoyed worldwide by people who love the finer things, the very same people who surround themselves in clean simple luxury.

The Timless range is for those who wish to depart from stainless steel.

The Linox range is a comprehensive collection in stainless steel of varied finishes providing a total concept, allowing you to fit it from front door accessories right through inner doors and windows to kitchens and wardrobes.

The Piet Boon range is one of the most high-profile Dutch designers. Together with his wife Karin, he manages a design studio and a team of architects and designers

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