Door Scheduling Service

Door Scheduling Service
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Date : 02/07/2020

Door Scheduling Service


At Architectural Design Hardware, we recognize that door hardware scheduling can be a difficult, time consuming, and costly exercise. As a result we offer a complimentary door hardware scheduling service.

How Do I Know What Door Hardware I Need?

We can schedule your door hardware in a door schedule so that you don’t have to worry about missing items or unnecessary items. We will take care of your door hardware needs.

When you consider what goes into a door schedule; handles, locks, latches, hinges, closer’s, privacy turns, keying, electric strikes, flush bolts, etc., the door scheduling and documentation process can become time consuming, confusing and costly.

An incorrect sdoor chedule can end up costing time and money to fix and importantly it can negatively change the nature and quality of your project.

The definition of a door schedule: door schedule is a document, which has all the information a joiner will require in selecting the correct door for a designated position, as well as the correct ironmongery that has to be fitted to each door.

At Architectural Design Hardware we love doing door schedules. Best of all, we offer this service to all of our clients at no cost.

Our role is to take this time consuming, confusing and costly task away and let you do what you need to do. All you need do is send us a copy of your plans (email or hardcopy) and we will start the door scheduling process for you.

You can provide us with your architectural drawings or you can draw a plan of your house with doors, cupboards, sliding doors and so on, so that we may schedule the door schedule hardware.

If you don’t have architectural drawings, you can fill out a proforma scheduling sheet with the details of doors and cupboards which we can then work from to complete a door schedule for you.

You decide on what door hardware you wish to keep on the schedule and we will provide the door schedule hardware.

  • A window and door schedule in a home build plan is the plan for when these items are scheduled to be installed. Window and door schedules are essential when planning a building project for your home in order to ensure their proper installation and fit in the overall house building plan.

Our complimentary door scheduling service can save you time and money with thorough planning. Our technical expertise will ensure your project meets the Building Code of Australia (NCC) and Fire Rating Standards, and that access requirements are correctly sdoor cheduled to suit your project’s needs.

Scheduling makes door furniture installation easy


In its broadest sense, the term 'schedule' simply refers to a list. Window and door schedules are a convenient way of presenting complex information about the different door and window sizes and types that are specified on the contract documents to ensure proper installation.

Just provide us with your floor plans and we’ll prepare a detailed door hardware schedule indicating where all the doors, door handles, escutcheons, locks, hinges, and other door hardware accessories are assigned in your new project. You can forward the schedule to your Tradesmen for ease of installation and the smooth completion of your project.

Address all your door schedule hardware costing and security needs

As well as assisting with planning the right security, access control and keying systems, this door schedule can also form the basis for Value Engineering cost improvement and the estimation process to deliver the best value solution for your project. It means you don’t have to revisit a project once the door hardware schedule has been drafted and assures maximum safety and peace of mind.

Call us on (08) 9242 4166 or email us and talk to our friendly, specialist consultants about creating your complimentary door hardware schedule.

Our door schedules are presented in a format that makes it easy to read and understand and is broken down into individual items per door. This allows you to examine each door in your own time and decide if the door hardware will meets your needs.

Where to Start with your Door Schedule

When you have the Architectural drawings of your home or office, you can provide them to us for door scheduling. If you are undertaking this task without an architectural drawing the easiest starting point is probably your front door. If you need direction, work your way round always moving left as you make your way around the house, eventually ending back at the front door.

Start by naming your doors. Leave the numbering of the doors till last. Naming your doors will add clarification to your list e.g. Front door, living room, Tim’s bedroom, John’s Study, Sarah’s music room, and so on.

Some question you need to ask:

  • Do I need hinges?
  • Should the door be locked?
  • Does this door need a privacy lock?

From the list you make, followed by a meeting with our consultants to clarify and identify the type of hardware you desire, we will create your door hardware door schedule. It is as easy as that.

Door Number Door Name Single or Double Door lock or privacy passage door
1 Front Door double lock  
2 Living room single   passage
3 Tim’s bedroom single privacy  
4 John’s study single lock  


Your list of doors

This may seem like a basic listing of your doors, but it is all we need to prepare a door schedule for you. We will ask you if you need additions like hinges, sliding door tracks, door stops, pull handles, door rebate, and the like.

When you come to us you can select the type of door handles you like and other hardware you may need. We will show you the various locks that will secure your home and keying solutions if desired. You may want a modern keypad entry or an electric strike on your front door or gate.

These are all things you can discuss with us when we sit down and work thought your list of doors.

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Why create a door list list?

The number of times customers have returned or made that hectic phone call because they have forgotten a door or two are in the double digits. If you list all your doors at least you have yourself covered and we can accommodate your requirements.

Knowing which doors and what hardware needs to go with each door is essential for the installer, the builder, the architect, and for you. At least mistakes can be minimalised.

When we prepare a door schedule for you we list each door and its hardware.  

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Door Hardware Pricing

A door schedule does include costings for the hardware. With a complete door hardware schedule you can assess, change, enhance door hardware as you please.

Normally for a door shcedule we will not include individual pricings as we price the schedule on a bulk buy basis. This can help in keeping final costs down compared to individual pricing. However if you want to know the price of an item you can ask. It will be the retail price for that item and not neccessarily the schedule price.

It is worth noting that manufacturing companies do have price increases yearly. When they do then prices naturally will have to be increased. So a quoted door schedule costings may need to be increased if it was done pre a price increase by the suppliers. 

Please bare that in mind when your door schedule is prepared. Any time delay could add costs. Ask our team about pricing. 

Other Non Essential Door Schedule Items

  • When a door is opened, whether swinging or sliding, it must have something to stop its movement. A wall stop is preferred, but if there is no wall for the door to stop against, an overhead stop may be necessary. As a last resort, a floor type stop can be considered. Something to consider when planning your door schedule. 
  • Acoustics are another important consideration. While music rooms in schools are common areas where sound gasketing is needed, you may want your music room or home office quiet on the outside! Sound control may be something to consider in your home and can be relatively non expensive. Additionally, studies have found noise reduction can positively impact the harmony in ones family home.


How long does a door schedule take to do?

There are a number of factors related to preparing a door schedule. Rarely does it become a simple process of typing out the door names / number with the hardware and pricing it up.

One of the important issues is whether the hardware is readily available, or will it need to be made-to-order. This could delay the project by months.

In preparing the door schedule, we will contact the suppliers to ascertain the availability of the door hardware. If there are any serious delays, we will notify you.

If items are to be modified (i.e. powder coated or plated) there will be further delays. Hardware needs to arrive, pulled apart, sent for finishing, and reassembled.

Sometimes there are delays in the actual manufacturing of the door/s. This being the case may delay the choice of suitable hardware (e.g. thickness of door or weight of door for sliding track)

To add to this we also ask you allow us the time to prepare your door schedule. We are a busy little business and may have several door schedules on the go at once while serving customers like yourself. 


So why not join us at Architectural Design Hardware for your door hardware needs.

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