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Concrete Design
Category : Door Hardware
Date : 10/04/2019

The Bullet+Stone collection is a celebration of concrete.

Reinforced concrete’s versatility has allowed architects, designers and engineers to explore new realms of design.

Inspired by the Brutalist architecture, the Bullet+Stone collection merges the rough and cold aesthetic of reinforced concrete with various sumptuous and eye-catching metal finishes. The tactile experience allows users to experience both finishes simultaneously, amplifying and bringing to light the contrast between them.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Bullet & Stone Collection is available in 3 designs: Concrete Club Lever, Concrete Niki Knob, Concrete Quad Lever




Available in three timeless designs, and any of our 18+ special finishes, the Concrete door hardware collection can be personalized for any contemporary interior.


Raw, primal and polarising. Pairing concrete with our metal finish so when you touch the lever, part of your hands feeling that raw urban of the concrete and another portion of your hand will also feel that soft cold metal feel so it’s that nice blend feel of rough and sumptuous.


The finished concrete’s appearance will always have aesthetic variations of shade, color, pattern and overall size.One standard finish is available at present which we call Luna Grey.

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