• Door Handles Do you need new door handles?
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 05/07/2020

    Door Handles. Do you need new door handles?

    The question at some time in the house of its life will be... "Do you need new door handles?

    This in its self can be a difficult answer to make. After all, unless your door handles have fallen off the door, you may find they still work fine.

    But what should I look for to decide if I should replace my door handles?

    Lets take a look at some of the visible tell tale signs...

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  • Door Scheduling Service
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 02/07/2020

    At Architectural Design Hardware, we recognize that door hardware scheduling can be a difficult, time consuming, and costly exercise. As a result we offer a complimentary door hardware scheduling service.

    How Do I Know What Door Hardware I Need?

    We can schedule your door hardware in a door schedule so that you don’t have to worry about missing items or unnecessary items. We will take care of your door hardware needs.

    The definition of a door schedule: A door schedule is a document, which has all the information a joiner will require in selecting the correct door for a designated position, as well as the correct ironmongery that has to be fitted to each door.

    In its broadest sense, the term 'schedule' simply refers to a list. Window and door schedules are a convenient way of presenting complex information about the different door and window sizes and types that are specified on the contract documents to ensure proper installation.

    Fax, White Male, 3D Model, Isolated, 3D

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  • Tube Latch
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 03/06/2020

    What is a tube latch?

    A tube latch is a mechanism that when used in a door 'latches' the door closed. Basically a catch to keep the door from opening with the wind.

    To be more precise:

    A tubular latch is an item of ironmongery which is usually morticed into a door, which allows the door to be opened and closed by means of a Door Handle or Door Knob. The word 'latching' is the act of a door being closed, and remaining held shut.

    The Tubular Latch is a simple closing device commonly used on internal doors where no lock is needed. The Tubular Mortice Latch is an evolution from a Mortice Lock, downsized so that it can be fitted with much less effort, and with minimal drilling and cutting to the door required.

    The Tubular Latch is a very commonly used item and is a cornerstone of modern ironmongery. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and variations. Typically, it is manufactured with a mild steel latch-body with a short faceplate, a brass or steel tongue, and an 7.6 or 8mm spindle follower. (The follower is the square hole where the spindle joining the door handles passes through the latch.)

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  • Is There A Difference between Powdercoat and House Paint
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 18/05/2020

    Is the a difference between powdercoat and house paint?

    Yes. There is a difference between powdercoat and house paint. 

    Powdercoat is a powder that is applied to metal and only metal. Heat is applied and the powder melts into a smooth hard finish. Whereas house paint is applied by brush, spray, roller and even dabbed on in some cases.

    But is there a variation in colour? Afterall you can by a vivd white house paint and you can have a metal item powdercoated in vivid white. 

    Paints, brands, and application are not all the same.

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  • How to make Baby's Bedroom Soundproof
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 18/05/2020

    Our infant girl is already 7 months old and I'm so happy I made the choice before she was born to make the nursery soundproof.

    There are two valid reasons to make the baby's bedroom soundproof: (1) it offers a peaceful space for the baby to sleep and nobody has to creep around being quiet; and (2) it prevents the baby's screams from echoing around the house anytime the baby crys.

    And whilst the room is soundproof the baby monitor is doing its job. That's what a monitor is all about!


    The bedroom door needs to be solid core.

    The first thing you need to do is to get a solid core door.  Most interior doors in homes use hollow core doors. They do very little to cut out sound even when they are closed.

    You can test this by ask your partner to stand on one side of the closed door and you on the other.  Have a conversation, you'll hear quite clearly the other.


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  • The Humble Escutcheon
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 02/05/2020

    The humble escutcheon remains in place for years and years, often forgotten yet used several times a day with very little TLC.

    It is time to replace those escutcheons with new escutcheons and bring life back to the door or gate or cupboard they reside upon.



    plural noun: escutcheons;

    noun: escutcheon plate;

    plural noun: escutcheon plates

    1. a shield or emblem bearing a coat of arms.
    2. a flat piece of metal for protection and often ornamentation, around a keyhole, door handle, or light switch.


    a blot on one's escutcheon
    a stain on one's reputation or character.escutcheon of pretence
    a small shield within a coat of arms, bearing another coat or device to which the bearer has a claim, especially one to which a man's wife is heiress.

    Origin: late 15th century: from Anglo-Norman French escuchon, based on Latin scutum 'shield'.

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  • House Rules and COVID19
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 16/04/2020


    If you're not a frontliner, your biggest contribution to solving the COVID-19 pandemic is to stay home. That could not be stressed enough.

    We at Architectural Design Hardware are still open Monday to Friday at this stage. 

    We ask that if you visit our showroom you wash your hands on entering and leaving. Don not be upset if we ask you to wash your hands. We have famil too.

    At this time email would be a safe way to communicate. A phone call also but we are short staffed.

    If you're a parent, we bet you don't need much convincing to stay home, knowing how fatal this disease is. But on days when we absolutely need to go out and do errands (and there's a big chance you will come in contact with the virus when you're out), how do we make sure we don't bring the coronavirus home to our spouse and kids?

    Dr. Bill Griggs, the former trauma services director of The Royal Adelaide Hospital, the largest hospital in South Australia, has come up with a detailed checklist of what one must do when leaving the house to minimize the possibility of being a carrier of the virus. He breaks it down into three parts: Leaving home, While out, and Arriving home.

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  • Lockdown April 2020 Social Distancing
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 30/03/2020

    Social distancing in public means people stay at home and only go out if it is absolutely essential

    PM announces all arrivals to be quarantined for 14 days after four die on worst single-day toll of the Covid-19 crisis so far.


    A Western Australian man who recently returned from Indonesia has been charged with breaching self-isolation orders, after he allegedly went to the beach.


    From Tuesday, travel within Western Australia will also be banned with fines of up to $50,000 applying for people who travel in between designated regional areas.

    All travellers entering Australia from midnight tomorrow will be made to carry out their mandatory 14-day quarantine in a hotel, to ensure quarantine provisions aren’t breached.

    As of 3pm, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Australia stands at 3,166, an increase of 367 cases in 24 hours. More than 184,000 tests have been done.

    This is serious. This is COVID19 in Australia.

    What we are doing at Architectural Design Hardware to stay safe.

    Hands, Wash, Soap, Foam, Health


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  • Designer Doorware Special Finishes
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 17/03/2020

    An extensive range of Special Finishes to give your design the perfect finishing touch from Designer Doorware

    Ranging from beautiful interior design options, through to hard wearing finishes, our extensive range of high quality special finishes will provide an impressive, finishing touch. These special finishes are offered in addition to our standard finishes and can be applied dependent upon the product, substrate and environment.  

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  • Compliance Explained
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 16/03/2020

    Compliance Explained

    Compliance Overview

    A wide variety of Designer Doorware products are compliant with fire- and disability-rating regulations in Australia and/or the United States. We've explained below what criteria a doorware product must meet to be compliant with fire safety or disability access standards.

    Also, products catalogued on our website that have fire and/or disability compliance will feature one - or a combination - of the symbols shown below, designated by type and country.

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