• Concrete Design
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 10/04/2019

    The Bullet+Stone collection is a celebration of concrete. Reinforced concrete’s versatility has allowed architects, designers and engineers to explore new realms of design. Inspired by the Brutalist architecture, the Bullet+Stone collection merges the rough and cold aesthetic of reinforced concrete with various sumptuous and eye-catching metal finishes. The tactile experience allows users to experience both finishes simultaneously, amplifying and bringing to light the contrast between them.

    Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Bullet & Stone Collection is available in 3 designs: Concrete Club Lever, Concrete Niki Knob, Concrete Quad Lever

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  • Zebratti TLC Serices Sliding Door Locks
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 31/03/2019

    The TLC range of sliding door hardware by Zebratti represents a new age of flush pull handles. Including privacy locks for timber and aluminium sliding doors.

    Packed with innovaton and sophistication. These sleek modern locks represent simplicity through uncompromising design. With Zebratti taking the time to get the range perfect.

    The locks themselves empahsise quality and simplicity.

    Designed in New Zealand, the TLC range represents what Zabratti is all about - quality, and design. The TLC range comprises lock, cylinder, fittings, and flush pull selection.

    There are so many decisions made when it comes to fitting out a project. Yet the decision about which sliding door hardware to choose is an easy one with the TLC range by Zebratti.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 24/03/2019

    Powder coating is one way to change the colour of your door hardware to match current trends.

    Powder coating is a powder based paint that is baked onto the metal. The powder coat does gives a thick hard durable finish.

    Warranty on powder coat can be 2 years plus, however the warrenty only covers separation from the metal. It is important to remember that powder coat is still just a paint. And as such it is suceptible to chipping, scratching, and deterioration over time. 

    We do offer an Epoxy Powder Coat finish which is more durable than standard powder coating. The process takes 2 -3 weeks to complete. Colour range is restricited. Although Matt Black is avilable. Epoxy powder coat is more hard waring and should last longer than standard powder coat.


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  • BONCO Spring Hinge
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 22/11/2018

    BONCO Spring Hinge Adjustment

    A spring hinge is used to self close a door or gate.

    The spring tension is adjustable to allow the spring to close the hinge slowly without slaming shut the gate or door.

    Adjustment is usually achieved by the turn of a hex key inserted at the top of the hinge itself.

    The trick is... one click at a time!

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  • Showroom Desire
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 20/11/2018

    Full of innovative and inspiring designs, Architectural Design Hardwares’ showroom at Osborne Park delivers a wide variety of standout features designed to transform a new home.

    Architectural Design Hardware’s’ owner and CEO Bruno Di Paolo says the space was created to ease the selection process for clients. “The showroom gives our clients the ability to touch and feel the huge range of products and see the exceptional quality upfront,” he said.

    The space is broken into four separate zones to make the selection process easier. “The first zone contains traditional door hardware and a selection of internationally designed pull handles, and exquisite door hardware,” Mr. Di Paolo said.

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 04/10/2018

    HES Concealed Hinge

    3-WAY adjustment function allows vertical, horizontal, and depth adjustment after hinge installed.
    Easy installation : Temporary door holding feature.

    Cover hides all screw heads for clean appearance.



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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 03/10/2018

    Soft Closing Door Damper  

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  • Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 02/10/2018

               Soft Closing Door damper           


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  • Home Security Keying Options
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 11/09/2018

    Home Security and Keying Options are an important part of your home safety.

    Security hardware can include doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, security camera systems, etc. that are installed on a property; personal security involves practices such as ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed, extra keys not hidden outside, etc.

    Architectural Design Hardware in association with Action Lock Service provide high quality keying solutions for your home or office complex.

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  • Style and Design
    Category : Door Hardware
    Date : 03/09/2018

    Style and Design

    Designer Doorware G4287

    Beautiful, modest and natural in style, the Neo timber blade pull features timber with a stainless steel backing for added strength and structure. Ideal for standard and highly used doors in the commercial or residential applications. Optimally designed to be used for pivot, hinged and sliding doors and can be supplied in a single or back to back fixing. Available in raw or a choice of 5 selected interior/exterior stains that will best suit your space.

    Glass door with G4287 Pull Handle proudly mounted by Broadway Homes

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